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1) Oranges were originally green.

The first oranges ever imported from to the West were from Southeast Asia and were tangerine-pomelo hybrids that were green in color. In fact, oranges grown in warmer parts of the world such as Vietnam and Thailand stay green throughout their lifetime.

2) You can fire an arrow around an object to hit a target.

Both English and Arabic historic sources have mentioned skilled archers curving arrows around objects.It has become a practice among some modern-day archers who have proved it can be done.In fact, an arrow can even be fired with a 180 degree curve to hit an object on the other side of a wall – amazing right?!

3) The first ever 3D film was released in cinemas in 1922.

Released in September of that year, The Power of Love was a silent film and was released in cinemas worldwide.It even came with alternative ending that was decided by closing one eye or the other!Sadly, the film is lost and hasn’t been found for decades!

4) Scientists genetically modified goats to spin spider silk from their udders.

US Professor Randy Lewis transplanted a gene into the goats from a spider that allows the goats to produce milk containing an extra protein.

This is then extracted from the goat milk and spun into spider silk thread

5) “OMG” was first used in writing in 1917.

Although people might have said it before then, the popular acronym for “Oh My God” was first used in writing in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917.

It was used by John Arbuthnot Fisher, a retired Admiral of the British Navy, who said in his letter “I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis, O.M.G. (Oh! My God!)”.

6) In 1960, a cow got hit by a chunk of falling U.S. satellite in Cuba.

This was during a time where tensions between Havana and Washington were at their highest.

So the Cubans decided to make the best out of a bad situation and had a good laugh at their American neighbors.

They paraded a cow through the Cuban streets with a sign on it that said “Eisenhower, you murdered one of my sisters!”

7) In 1997 a cargo ship lost 4.8 million Lego bits in a storm. They are still washing up today.

The container ship Tokio Express was hauling cargo across stormy seas on February the 13th, when a rogue wave crashed over the decks and caused some of her cargo to become loose and wash overboard.

One such container contained a shipment of lego including octopuses, dragons, flippers and flowers.

These pieces are often found on the beaches of Cornwall in the UK, whenever there’s a particularly bad storm.

8) In England, pigeon poop is property of the Crown.

This is because pigeon poop could be used to make gunpowder.

Because of this, King George I declared all pigeon poop to be property of the Crown in the 18th Century.

9) A man survived being hit by a car and thrown 118 feet.

Off-duty paramedic Matthew McKnight was hit by a car travelling 70 miles per hour and was catapulted 118 feet!

He suffered some fairly serious injuries but amazingly managed to recover.

He now holds the Guinness World Record for furthest distance thrown by a car!

10) Belgium once tried using cats to deliver mail.

In the 1870s, the town of Liège came up with the idea of employing felines as their new mail couriers.

The mail was loaded into waterproof bags that were tied around the kitties’ little collars and they were sent to their destination.

However, this was quickly dropped as the Cats  proved slower and more unreliable than human post couriers. Go figure.

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